3M Particulate Respirator Face Masks 20-Pack N95 8200 NIOSH Approved

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3M Safety Equipment

STANDARDS Particulate Respirator N95 , P1




  • Pack contents: 20

  • Size: Standard

  • Designed to fit over the nose and mouth

  • Comfortable adjustable straps for secure fit

  • Soft nose padding

  • Lightweight and disposable


FAQ--- Difference between N95- KN95- FFP2

Filtering facepiece respirators (FFR), which are sometimes called disposable respirators, are subject to various regulatory standards around the world. 

These standards specify certain required physical properties and performance characteristics in order for respirators to claim compliance with the particular standard.

Examples of FFR performance standards are:

• N95 (United States NIOSH-42CFR84)

• FFP2 (Europe EN 149-2001)

• KN95 (China GB2626-2006)

• P2 (Australia/New Zealand AS/NZA 1716:2012)

• Korea 1st class (Korea KMOEL - 2017-64)

 • DS2 (Japan JMHLW-Notification 214, 2018)

Respirators certified as meeting these standards can be expected to function very similarly to one another, based on the performance requirements stated in the standards and confirmed during conformity testing, however if you intend to use these respirators for a specific industry/job there might be restrictions on which one you can use and we can not recommend or comment on that.  

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