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From the HOME screen, scroll to the left and highlight the HOME icon.

Scroll up to APP STORE then press the OK button.

Now scroll right too TOP APP and press the OK button.

Now download the APPS from this application.

Go to the HOME screen, (File Manager).

Then select SETTINGS from the screen.


Bottom row third from left.

Highlight the OK on screen, then press the OK button.

Once that is completed, the TV will power off and go black with the red stand by light.

Wait a few moments then power back on.

The TV will boot back up and may take a few minutes.

When the Welcome screen comes up, go through the start-up process.

You will have to retune the TV for the digital channels.

Please be aware this process will delete any saved password or date previously saved to the TV. Make sure you have a backup.

Go to one of the HDMI source on the TV.

Then press the Menu button on the remote.

Now scroll down to Advance and press OK.

Now scroll down to HDMI CEC and select.

Now make sure the ARC function is turned on and also make sure the HDMI cable is in the HDMI ARC port on the TV.

Make sure the TV has the correct time and date set.

Go to settings from the Home screen and then select Time and Date.

Set up correct Time and Date if the time and date were incorrect .

We always aim for make sure our customers love our products, but if you do need to return an order, we’re happy to help. Just email us directly and we’ll take you through the process.

Check the manual and ensure the product is set-up properly. If there is still an issue, check the FAQ’s area for a potential solution. If there is still a problem then contact our Customer Support Team:

Ensure the TV is plugged into a working Powerpoint.
Most Viano televisions, 32” or above, come with two power controls. The “Main Power Switch” is a toggle or rocker switch, which is located on the side, bottom or back of the television. This needs to be switched on.

The second is used to take the TV out of Standby Mode or put it into Standby Mode. This second of the power controls is the “Standby” control button and is located with the “INPUT, MENU, VOL, CH” buttons on the TV. The “Power” button on the remote does the same “Standby” functions.

All products in standby mode use a small amount of power. If you are not using the TV for extended periods it is recommended to turn the TV off at the Main Power Switch or at the Power Point. If the TV is turned off at the Power Point for extended periods you may need to re-tune the TV stations.

On the remote press the “Menu” button, using the arrow buttons to navigate between menu settings, search for all the settings such as “Auto-power off”, “Sleep Timer,” “Auto- Shutdown” and make sure you switch all these settings to Off.

Ensure the TV is connected to a working digital Antenna (Note: Analog TV broadcasting is no longer in use in Australia, your old antennae may have worked with your Analogue TV but is not suitable for Digital TV Broadcasts).

Once the TV has been connected, please run an “Auto Scan” or “Auto Search” to scan all channels for first time use.

Make sure the batteries are new and inserted correctly. The remote control requires direct line of sight to the TV for it to function correctly. Operating the remote at extreme angles to the TV may cause the TV sensor not to pick up the remote control commands.

There can be a number of reasons for this.
• A reception issue (because if the tuner was faulty, the TV would receive no channels at all).
• Some TV broadcast areas are effected because of their location is in a poor broadcast signal area.
• Some channel broadcast frequencies are moved or new TV Channels are added.

Please re-scan all channels. If there is no improvement try a different antenna and re-scan all channels, if no improvement please consult an antennae specialist.

If your TV features MPEG-2 Video Format, new channels may not be supported. The most cost effective way of resolving the problem is to purchase a set-top box with MPEG-4-compatible tuner and connect it to your TV.

This is most likely a reception issue; an old antenna or a faulty plug could result in weaker reception, to fix simply replace the plug and ensure it is properly connected to the TV and re-scan all channels. If possible, moving the TV to a different location in the house can fix the issue. Alternatively ensure this TV is connected to a digital antenna.

Sometimes after the “Auto Scan” the order of the channels may vary. To organize the channel to your preferred number, simply press the channel you want to re-organize and press the “menu” button on the remote, search for the setting “ Manual scan” Or “Manual Search”, press ok and keep scanning until you get the correct channel, the channel number will then be saved automatically.

Ensure the DVD disc is not damaged; partially insert it in the DVD slot (make sure the “shiny side of the disc is facing the front of the TV). On the remote press the “Source” button, locate the source “DVD “or “AV” and navigate to it. Never force the DVD disc as this is likely to cause damage to the DVD mechanism.

The second USB shares the same port as the DVD; to use the second USB, press the “source” button on the remote and navigate to DVD, then press ok to select.

Please ensure the USB is formatted correctly, recommended format is FAT32. Ensure the format of the movies are within the supported formats of the TV; should the movies be converted from a different format, ensure the format has been converted properly and not corrupted in anyway, check with the software developer for best options.

Most laptops will automatically connect, some will require manual configuration, please check with the laptop manufacturer for instructions.

After ensuring the laptop is properly configured and connected to the TV, on the remote press source and navigate to HDMI ( HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 depending on which socket is in use)

There is no direct socket for headphone output. An RCA to 3.5 MM converter (Yellow and White RCA to 3.5 MM headphone socket) can be purchased from most Consumer Electronics retailers.

On the remote press “ Menu “ button, locate the setting “ Factory Reset “ or “ Reset to Original setting “ (instructions may change depending on the model) and press “OK.”

The maximum capacity is 500 GB, the recommended format for all hard drive and USB is FAT32

Pixilation of the picture, popping on the sound, or complete drop out from time to time are all signs of a poor signal coming into the television.

Full details of included accessories can be found in the operating instructions.

TV and radio signals, both analogue and digital, can be affected by atmospheric conditions, including high air pressure (which brings fine weather), heavy rain or snow.

We can sell you a replacement remote control. Contact us with the model number of your Viano TV (you can find this on rating label on the back of the TV).

Complete the On-line Warranty registration form.

Simply click on this link and search for your model or look under Support.

All of our products have the serial number printed on the outer packaging at the time of purchase, however it can also be found on the rating label on the back of the product near the serial number.

The online registration does not affect the warranty of your unit. You will need to ensure you keep your proof of purchase safe, as this will validate your warranty. The benefits of registering are that Viano can keep you advised of any updates related to your product.

An LED television is an LCD panel television with a different lighting method.

For the details of the glasses that are designed for your television please refer to the accessories section of your user guide.

When viewing 3D TV keep a clear space around the viewer as they may mistake the 3D objects they are viewing as real objects and move suddenly.

Yes, if the Viano TV you purchased has PVR Function From USB connection.

Do not view 3D if you have a history of over-sensitivity to light, heart problems, or have any other existing medical conditions that may be triggered by watching 3D TV.

External light sources (especially fluorescent lights) can cause flickering to be seen when using the active shutter glasses. To reduce this, it is best to view 3D images in a darker environment.

At any time if I experience eyestrain or discomfort during or after viewing 3D stop using the 3D eyewear.

A clean, dry, soft cloth should be used to clean the television screen. Stubborn dirt should be carefully removed with a dampen a soft cloth with clean water or diluted neutral detergent.

Yes you can, the TV up scales all content to 4K.

Please refer to the specification details of your television on our website.

Using the DVD Player remote control, press “SET UP” button. Go to “AUDIO” then “BASS MANAGEMENT” and set this up to OFF. Press the SET UP button to exit until it clears the screen from the Menu.

There are different region codes for different parts of the world. To change the region code you need to have the DVD Player connected to the TV and powered on. Press “SETUP” on the remote control, followed by pressing the number sequence 1-3-8-9. This will allow you enter DVD software interface. Press number of region you desire, eg. press 4 for region code 4.

When the unit is brand new, the first step is to scan the channels. Make sure you selected “DTV” as the source. Scan the channels by pressing the “Menu” button on the remote control, followed by “TV,” “Channels,” then “Channel Scan.” Press “OK.” A progression bar the TV tuner is scanning the channels available in the area.

First press the “Menu” button and do another channel scan if possible. If the menu does not come up and the screen is still black unplug the antenna and power cord at the back of the TV and leave it unplugged for an hour or two. This allows the TV to refresh and reset itself. If problem persists contact Viano Customer Support.

Make sure TV is on the right source by pressing the source button. Check as well the connector or cable is not faulty. Try it with another tv to double check.

Please locate the S.MODE button on the remote control and set to standard or off. Otherwise, set it up manually; go to audio settings and make sure the balance bar sits 0 or 50, as long as it sits in the middle.

Some older TV programs were made for a 4:3 screen ration. New TV’s are a 16:9 ratio. You can change the screen format to suit your viewing preference. The process differs by model; please refer to the operator manual for your TV.

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